Road to RSR09 in EZO → Sunset Day 15

Finally, it was time to go home. Fortunately, I was smart enough to not book a flight in the morning, so I had time to wake up and pack, then go out for lunch with Jai. I wasn't super hungover, which was impressive considering how much I drank the night before, and how grossly hot I was sleeping at Jai's place, but it was enough to be unpleasant. For my final meal in Japan, we walked to a place famous for uni (sea eel, probably my favorite incredible edible water animal), but they were closed. Damn. So we went to an Indian restaurant, which Jai said is the "second best in Tokyo". Since Jai wasn't about to let me stop enjoying my vacation just yet, he made me drink a morning after beer. Well, I choked it down (aahhh, I miss you already, Japanese beer), and the food was awesome. I kinda felt bad that I spent a week at Jai's place, but we had barely hung out. He was okay with it, though, understanding both that he had been busy at work, and that I needed to get as much out of my vacation without worrying about finding places to stay and the like. I hope we can hang out again soon... either he and his girlfriend come to Seattle (or more likely, Mt. Whistler in nearby BC, Canada), or I'll be back in winter to see him again. Either way, I look forward to seeing him again sometime/somewhere.

Not much can be said about today. It was a long, sad trip to Narita Airport followed by a long, sad flight back home (though actually, I love flying, so I was pretty entertained on the plane) via a short, confusing layover in San Franciso. Josh Smurr picked me up and took me home, and the next morning I went back to work to find out what all had exploded while I was out of the country for nearly three weeks.

I had an awesome time in Japan this summer, but it was way too short. Every time I go, I come back wondering why I'm not living there yet, and I felt that way more than ever this time. I miss my friends, I miss the food, and I miss feeling completely at home in a place that I should feel completely out-of-place in. I had hoped to move to Japan by this summer, but since that obviously didn't work... I'll just have to push it back a year. 2010 seems like a nice year to once again completely change my life. Of course I'll miss Seattle and all of my friends in the States, but it really is what I need to do with my life. Wish me luck, frieands.





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