4 Years

On July 6th, 2006, I first set foot in Seattle. In the four years since then I have become slightly more educated, joined a moped gang and have ridden bikes that are older than myself tens of thousands of miles all over the country (at about 30 mph), made a lot of great friends and bitter enemies (well... not really. just the one.), made slight progress on my own music, and I finally tricked my favorite person in the world into being my first legitimate girlfriend in a ridiculously long time.

But still, ever since I first left Japan 7 years ago, I've always said that I'll live there again someday. I've even gone back to visit 6 times since then. The whole reason I ended up in Seattle in the first place was so I could work towards that goal. So for a while now I've been saying that want to make it happen in the summer of 2011. Now I've decided to pick a date... July 6th. Seattle: please help me enjoy the hell out of my 5th and final year in this amazing city. Everyone else: come visit me in Seattle before I leave forever!


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finally, you picked a date.