Road to RSR10 in EZO → Sunrise Day 2

Mopeds in Tokyo! Again! I didn't really have plans for today, and sora and Tsucchee! were both free, so I borrowed one of Akazou's mopeds so we could go riding around. Then it broke down several blocks from his house. So I got to ride Tsucchee's moped back to Akazou's house to borrow his other moped. Then we went on a short ride to find lunch, where we met up with sora. The three of us rode around for a bit until we found Hana Yashiki a weird tiny amusement park buried in the middle of Tokyo, where we were met by Tok. The place kind of reminded me of that weird tiny amusement park in Portland. The best part was when you first get on the tiny roller coaster which was CLEARLY meant for children. There's a diagram showing you not to drop things on the ride, including your camera, money, and cigarettes. Like, they made it really obvious that you shouldn't drop your cigarettes while riding the roller coaster meant for children.

Aaaanyway.... after being amused for a while, we rode around some more and ended up in one of my favorite places in Tokyo that I hadn't been to in many years, Kappa Bashi. Besides the fact that walking down the street makes you feel like you NEED to open your own restaurant as soon as possible, there are a couple of shops featuring the best thing in the world, plastic samples of food. I swear that someday I will buy an ¥8000 bowl of fake ramen and display it proudly in my front window.

After that, we headed back to Akazou's place to park mopeds, and my moped experience #2 in Tokyo was complete. We walked to a nearby Chinese restaurant, and met up with Sako, another one of the moped kids that I got to hang out with (and get drunk with) last summer. The food, of which there was a ton of, was awesome. Akazou kept insisting that I drink some sort of Chinese alcoholic beverage. It was strong and pretty easy to drink, but somehow it tasted very Chinese. After eating, of course, we went to karaoke. By this point, it was just Akazou and sora and I, but Tokyo Mopedder's president, Billy, made a cameo appearance. The three of us boys pretty much just sang Unicorn all night, and apparently the only song that sora sang I missed because you had to take an elevator to a far away place just to use the restroom. Oh well, I'll just assume she was a badass.

Also, HERE is Tsucchee!'s account of the day. Notice (or not since you probably don't read Japanese) that he didn't refer to me by name... he called me the American from Seattle. Weird.


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