Road to RSR09 in EZO → Sunset Day 1

Even though I came back from Japan nearly a month ago and already posted my travel diary to the interweb in Japanese, now it's time to do it in English. Sorry it took so long.


After Rising Sun, Kutchan and I went to his place to sleep for a few hours, then we headed out to eat soup curry. Every year I want to eat soup curry as much as possible, and every year I end up at Picante for some reason.

After that we met with a friend of his and drove to Otaru Dream Beach in Zenibako (near where Miwako is from), where Dachambo and Gravity Free were performing an all night party. DJ HATA (aka HATA from Dachambo) hooked us up with staff passes, and though the others left early, I hung out all night/morning dancing, drinking, hanging out with random people, and participating in a drum circle where half of us joined in using whatever weird random objects we could find to make sounds with.


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