Road to RSR09 in EZO → Sunset Day 2

Dachambo took off in their tour bus for the ferry to the mainland around 5am, so I hung out with Gravity Free and Erico, who works for the shop that ran the event. Eventually we went in her car to her place and took a much-needed nap. We then went out for ramen at a little-known place known for its selection of unusual styles of ramen (miso milk, cheese, etc.).

After Gravity Free took off for the airport, I wandered around Sapporo for a while, found a copy of Jurassic Park on VHS, and then took a train to Teine, where I met Aki and her family for dinner. Aki and I had a radio program called "Kurt's on Air" at FM Otaru back in my exchange student days. I have no idea what the point of it was, but it was awesome. I hadn't seen her daughter, Aoi since shortly after she was born. Now she's 4 years old and adorable.

After dinner, I headed back to Sapporo and met up with Erina, who I sadly didn't see other than a very brief encounter at Rising Sun. We had a few drinks and got caught up, and decided that within the next year or two we need to quit our jobs and start up a business of some sort in Sapporo. Erina will run the place, Miwako will make the food, I will apparently be in charge of music and bartending, and Miina will... I forgot what her job is. At any rate, Erina is super stressed out at her job and wants to do something new. None of us want to work REAL jobs, so something like this would be a dream come true for all of us.


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