Road to RSR09 in EZO → Sunset Day 4

After waking up and checking my bank account, I discovered that I had approximately 7000 Yen (or about $65.80) in my bank account, with another 1000 or so Yen in my wallet. My plan was to take a train to Nayoro to visit Aya, one of my bestest most awesomest frieands ever, but the train ticket alone was probably going to cost more than that. So I emailed Lena back home to find out what had happened, and tried to sort things out. It turned out that a large sum of money we were expecting in the office never showed up, so not only had I not received the paycheck I thought I would get on the 17th, but we couldn't even afford to pay rent at the office. Fortunately, Yoko loaned me 10,000 Yen, effectively saving my ass/vacation, and Lena worked out a plan that would get me at least some money to survive on. So Japan-Mom and I went out for an awesome lunch, I enjoyed her awesomely difficult yet eloquent manner of speaking, and then she took me to the train station, where she saved me a crapton of money on a route to Nayoro that I never could have figured out on my own. Thanks, Japan-Mom, you're the best!!!

I then began the exciting ~4 hour train adventure to Nayoro, located in the north-central part of Hokkaido, where I was met by Aya. This was my third trip to Nayoro. The first time was to visit Aya, and her best friend Aki whom I had met once before. For the second trip, Aya was in Tokyo at the time, so I went to meet Aki. This time, Aki was living in Okinawa, so it was just Aki. I would have loved to go visit Aki, too, but I'll have to save that incredibly challenging and expensive adventure for another time.

Also, I met the new puppy of the house, Moco. What an adorable little bastard.


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