Road to RSR09 in EZO → Sunset Day 5

Aya had to work today, so I slept for 8 hours for the first time in at least a month. Breakfast was already waiting for me on the table, because Japanese people are awesome hosts like that. Eventually, Aya's dad picked me up (he was just as excited to have me come visit as she was), and I went to the "North Country History Museum" to kill a couple of hours and to learn about the history of Nayoro. Or at least infer information about the history of Nayoro, since reading the various informational tablets was far too difficult/time-consuming.

After I had pretended to learn everything, Dad picked me up and we went to an onsen (hot spring), which was actually the second time I've gone to one with him. This time we went to Gomi Spa, which means "five-flavor spa", but sounds like "garbage spa". Man, onsens are the best. By the time we left, Aya was done with work, so we met her back home, and went grocery shopping together. For dinner, we made temaki sushi. You know... like the "rolls" that everyone in America eats when they eat sushi. Only with an amazing assortment of fillings. And no avocado. Aya's parents demanded that I gorge myself, so I did just that. They also demanded that I fulfill my dream of eating a big chunk of raw tuna turkey-leg style after I mentioned it jokingly.

Aya's dad also kept force-feeding me Sake (not "saki"), or as I like to call it, "Japan-shu", while he drank from a big giant vat of shochuu. He kept saying we should have a drinking contest, but fortunately, Aya and her mom (and myself) didn't think it was a good idea.

After dinner, Aya and I walked through a torrential downpour through the streets of Nayoro which were devoid of life, and went to karaoke for a couple of hours to sing some of our favorite songs together.


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